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Heat Shield UV-100-70

American Window Films of Denver is proud to offer our latest premium product, UV-100-70. This product will knock the socks off of any other product on the market!

All films block 99% of the UV, but with UV-100-70 you can block 100%. The last 1% in the UV spectrum is responsible for blue light damage. This blue light damage can reach the deepest part of the eye and cause serious eye problems. It's also responsible for skin cancer and skin aging.

If you're serious about UV protection, you need Heat Shield UV-100-70!



Improving your tenant's comfort....

Making your home or office cooler....

Reducing your carbon footprint....

Lowering that unsightly energy bill....

​Privacy for your conference rooms....

Wherever your glass is, we can make it better! .

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Exterior Window Film:
If your # 1 concern is blocking heat nothing works better than our Heat Shield exterior grade window films.

Darkness matters.


Every year, companies analyze consumer responses to darkness choices. Leverage our research to help improve your comfort.


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Window Film Removal:
We know how to put it on, but we also know how to take it off. We charge $2.00 per sq. ft. for removal. We have a $249.00 mobile minimum charge.

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Contractor Work:
Your clients will be pleased when they see how well we work together.

Consultation for architects, and building professionals.


Our product professionals have the knowledge to help you select the correct product for your project.

We offer free site surveys so call us today @ 720-271-3456 (FILM)


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